The United Empire Loyalists of Canada - Bicentennial Branch (Southwestern Ontario)
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Research Centres


1. Leamington Public Library - Early History Books

2. Windsor Public Library - Land Records and Wills

3. University of Windsor Library - Land Records and Wills

4. Latter Day Saints Resource Centre at Forest Glade, Windsor - Land Records, Wills, Family History

5. Marsh Collection, Amherstburg, Ontario - Family Records

6. The Burton Collection at Detroit Public Library - here we find excellent records for our earliest pioneer families; this includes the Draper Manuscripts and the John Askin Papers recorded at the time of happening.

7. HEIRS - Harrow Early Immigrant Research Society - this centre is most complete for us. Includes:

(1) Census Records for 1851 to 1901

(2) All volumes with index of The Ontario Register by Thos. Wilson

(3) Cemetery Records for most of Essex County

(4) Original Birth Records for Harrow and district

(5) Birth, Baptism, Marriage Records at earliest churches

(6) Files on pioneer families - newspaper clippings and Family Bible copies

(7) Microfilm for Amherstburg Echo newspaper beginning 1872; covered all of South Essex

(8) Microfilm for Harrow News, Kingsville Reporter and Leamington Post from their beginnings until the 1990's

Loyalist Lists


1. The U.E.L. Executive Mark of Honour List, Ontario Archives R.G. 1L7, Vol.52A

2. The Old U.E.L. List by Rubicom (Reprint of Rose List)

3. Other lists contained in books on the following Book List

Books on Pioneer History for our Area


1. "The Loyalists of the New Settlement - a Study in Multiculturalism" by Mona L. Gleason, Summer 1990. Speedprint Inc. Leamington, Ontario.

2. "The Deep Roots" by Isabella Swan. A History of Grosse Ile, Michigan, where many of our Loyalist pioneers lived until the New Settlement was surveyed.

3. "Trail of the Black Walnut" by G. Elmore Reamon, McLelland and Stewart 1957.

4. "The Windsor Border Region" by Father E.J. Lajeunesse, University of Toronto Press (contains excerpts from Ontario Archives records with research numbers)

5. "The Valley of the Lower Thames" - 1640 to 1850 by Fred Coyne Hamil, University of Toronto Press 1951

6. "Garden Gateway to Canada" by Neil F. Morrison. Herald Press Ltd. Windsor

7. "Loyalist Lineages of Canada" - Three Volumes by Toronto Branch UELAC 1983

8. "The Loyalist Mosaic" by Joan Magee, Dundurn Press, Toronto and Charlottetown

9. "Loyalist Families in Ontario" by Wm. Reid

10. "Early Ontario Settlers" by Norman Crowder

11. "Story of Butlerís Rangers" by Ernest Cruikshank

12. "Loyalists of the American Revolution" by Gregory Palmer, Meckler Pub. London, England

13. "Ontario People 1796-1803, Upper Canada District Loyalist Rolls" by E. Keith Fitzgerald; Genealogical Publishing 1993.

Books for Secondary Proofs of Family Lineages


1. "The History of the Wigle Family and Their Descendants" 1931 by Dr. Hamilton Wigle and Dr. Ora Wigle

2. "Tofflemires Here and There with Their Associated Families" by Margaret Bone Colella. Owensboro: McDowell Pub. 1979

3. "Commemorative Biographical Record of Essex County" by J.H. Beers

4. "Canadian Haviland Family Genealogy" by Eleanor Chapin

Book List for Children


At the Dominion level, UELAC has created an Education and Outreach Committee to coordinate and develop resources and programmes for schools, communities and Branches across Canada.

Additional Resources

The following resources may be of assistance for research of the United Empire Loyalists and related topics:

The UELAC Dominion site has an excellent list of resource material at the following link:



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