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Halifax Poet Laureate Shauntay Grant
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Shauntay Grant is a Nova Scotian writer, spoken word performer, broadcast journalist and musician. She is Halifax's third Poet Laureate (2009/10), and has shared her vibrant blend of poetry and music internationally at festivals and events.

Shauntay's first children's book is Up Home. Illustrated by Susan Tooke. Nimbus, 2008. ISBN 978-1551096605

The home that Shauntay Grant writes of is the Preston Townships of Nova Scotia, an area steeped in United Empire Loyalist history. North Preston is the oldest and largest indigenous Black community in Canada, and also has the highest concentration of Black Canadians across Canada.

From a review in the August 1, 2009 Globe and Mail Focus and Books -

"Home, is the Preston Townships, to which black United Empire Loyalists fled from the American Revolutionary War in the 1780s. Successive waves of black immigrants came, settled there and left. Black immigrants from the War of 1812, loyal to the British cause, were eventually given 1,800 acres of land in North Preston, which became the largest black settlement in Canada.

Here Shauntay Grant's forebears, facing marginalization and racial discrimination, eked out a living, 'forced to carve something out of nothing.' And they did: 'The people pooled the few resources they had and built houses and churches, securing both a home and a legacy for future generations.' "

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