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Abraham Pastorius was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania, 10 October 1745, the great grandson of Francis Daniel Pastorius who was the founder of America's German community.

Raised as a Pietist and Quaker, Abraham belonged to the group of pacifists whose religious beliefs forbade their involvement in the Revolution. However, when hostilities broke out in Philadelphia, Abraham chose a non-combatant role as guide, volunteering for the Royal Guides and Pioneers, a Corps attached to Beverley Robinson's Loyal American Regiment.

The British occupied Philadelphia in September 1777 and remained over the winter. Abraham served with Lt. Gen. Howe, Commander-in-Chief, Lt. Col. Simcoe, Brig. Gens. Balfour and Abercrombie, and Gen. Clinton and was commended for his loyalty, zeal, service and sacrifices to the British cause. In the attack on John Lacey, Abraham was seriously wounded and suffered from these injuries throughout his life.

Abraham Pastorius was attainted of treason and his belongings in Pennsylvania were confiscated. Since Gen. Carleton's provisions for Loyalists did not cover Abraham's specific circumstances, he wrote to Gen. Carleton for clarification of land grants and entitlements in Canada. Abraham Pastorius settled with his family, at Montreal, on a small farm on the island's east shore at St. Mary's Current, Province of Lower Canada. He recruited a number of families to settle on his grant of 1000 acres in what is now Rawdon Canton Township. Land claims on behalf of Abraham's family were finally patented in 1834.

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